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Ruby Roberts has it all: A record-breaking storysinging career. Legions of adoring fans spanning the three worlds who love her magic-infused spoken word storysongs. A personal-boundaries-challenged cat to lap water from her bathtub and keep her warm at night. But beneath her glittery public persona, Ruby’s newest collection of storysongs is far more raw than the upbeat material she’s known for, more daringly honest about her history of depression and anxiety—and the future of her career lies in its success. 


Jack Taylor used to have it all. After his cheating ex-fiancé took him for all he was worth, the fallout burned his elite private security business to ashes. So when Ruby’s manager hires him as the superstar’s new head of security, he jumps at the paycheck. Ruby is Jack’s ticket to financial stability—in more ways than one. He strikes a secret deal with a major press outlet, quietly selling insider info on Ruby’s forthcoming new storysongs.


When the press’ attention hits too close to home, Jack is forced to move into Ruby’s penthouse for ‘round-the-clock protection. Soon the smoldering chemistry between them is too hot to deny. As their relationship heats up, scorching the line between professional and personal, Ruby must decide how much of her heart she’ll risk for this relative stranger when her career’s on the line, and Jack must decide between a massive payout and a future with the woman he’s falling for. All the while, the press is hot on their tail, and Ruby has no idea Jack’s the one who’s been selling them her secrets.



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