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I'm Bringing Blogging Back


(Extra kudos if you sang that title in your head. I know I did.)

Remember way back in the day (like... 2015) when blogging was IT and we were COOL and I was YOUNG and had NO GRAY HAIRS? Let's go back to that time. Dream with me here, friends.

What I'm proposing is a renaissance of our soul-bearing era; a return to the former glory of our youth; a harkening back to when the days were golden from the flashes of our pre-ring light digital cameras and our capacity for oversharing too many personal details with strangers on the internet was infinite. Before we grew up! Before back pain! Before I had to ask small humans approximately eleven times to PLEASE FOR THE LAST TIME I SWEAR I AM NOT SAYING THIS AGAIN KEEP THEIR PANTS ON inside the grocery store on any given Saturday morning!!!

What I'm proposing is a blog. And it begins here.

Hi. I'm Lindsay. Let's be pals.

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1 Comment

Faith Bowyer
Faith Bowyer
Jan 31, 2023

Oh, how I miss the good old blogging days 😅 I'm excited to see you back at it! #tripletsforever

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